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Primarily, working in BEST is all about self-development and constantly taking on new challenges. Our way to go about this is to provide services for students, our corporate partners and our universities. We aim to offer interesting opportunities to students, both in selfdevelopment and career, to promote companies and to establish contacts between businesses and potential future employees, and to provide our university with more visibility among European students and companies. BEST helps students to achieve an international mindset, to reach a better understanding of cultures and societies and to develop the capacity to work in culturally diverse environments. BEST creates opportunities for personal development of students and supports them in reaching their full potential. That is why we are organising academical BEST courses, BEST Engineering Competitions and a number of other events. They truly bring together the triangle ‘Students-Companies-Universities’ in an interesting and beneficial way for every stakeholder.
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Case Study team from Graz got the 1st place, congrats to you guys as well! <3
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Congrats <3
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Hast du die Deadline für unsere Sommerkurse verpasst? Naja, macht nichts.
Fun fact: nach dem Sommer kommt der Herbst (thank you, Captain Obvious). Und mit dem Herbst kommen unsere Herbstkurse!
Falls du Lust hast in einer der cca 15 Städte zwei Wochen zu verbringen, mit Studenten aus ganz Europa eine Woche lang über ein spannendes Thema zu lernen, die verschiedensten Kulturen kennenzulernen, unvergessliche Partys zu feiern, dafür ECTS Punkte zu kriegen und das ganze für weniger als 50 Euro (Unterkunft und Essen inklusiv), läuft die Bewerbungsphase bis 22.04.
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You had a huge assignment due the next day and you totally missed the deadline to apply for our summer courses? Damn, that sucks, but don't worry, we got ya
See, after summer.. comes autumn! (Captain Obvious to the rescue)
And autumn brings you... our autumn courses, of course! 😀
If you want to spend a week or two in one of 15 european cities from the list below, learn about a certain topic with students from all around Europe, meet different cultures, party every(!) night and get ECTS points for doing that, for less than 50 euros (food and accommodation included), you can apply till 22nd of April.
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BEST GrazWednesday, April 11th, 2018 at 8:55pm
Kaffee und Waffeln an einem sonnigen Morgen- yay oder nay? Und auch noch gratis?
Eindeutig yay!
Kommt doch vorbei, wir sind heute in der Inffeldgasse ^^

Coffee and waffles on a sunny morning- yay or nay? That deal is amazing enough on its own, but what of we tell you it's also for free?
Definitely YAY
Wir at Inffeldgasse 16 today, come grab a coffee with us! 🙂