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Primarily, working in BEST is all about self-development and constantly taking on new challenges. Our way to go about this is to provide services for students, our corporate partners and our universities. We aim to offer interesting opportunities to students, both in selfdevelopment and career, to promote companies and to establish contacts between businesses and potential future employees, and to provide our university with more visibility among European students and companies. BEST helps students to achieve an international mindset, to reach a better understanding of cultures and societies and to develop the capacity to work in culturally diverse environments. BEST creates opportunities for personal development of students and supports them in reaching their full potential. That is why we are organising academical BEST courses, BEST Engineering Competitions and a number of other events. They truly bring together the triangle ‘Students-Companies-Universities’ in an interesting and beneficial way for every stakeholder.
BEST GrazFriday, February 21st, 2020 at 1:09am
Ach, der Sommer ist endlich da! Ferien, See, Sonnensch... eiße! Es ist ja erst Februar?
Naja, wir haben trotzdem was für euch. Die Bewerbungsphase für unsere Sommerkurse hat begonnen. 39 Kurse, 39 Städte, 39 Local BEST Groups und 1000 Studenten? Ja, bitte!
Was erwartet dich?
• sehr viel Spaß
• die Möglichkeit zu reisen
• du wirst viele coole Leute treffen und andere Kulturen kennenlernen
Obendrauf gibt es sogar noch ECTS dafür 😀
Für mehr Infos:

Ah, the summer is here. Vacation, beaches, su.. uuuun of a gun, it's only February!
Oh well, we still have a sweet offer for you guys. The applications for our Summer Courses are now open. 39 courses, 39 cities, 39 Local BEST Groups and 1000 students, just take your pick!
What's in there for you?
• lots of fun
• possibilities to travel for almost no money
• meeting cool people and getting to know new cultures
As a cherry on top of that sundae, you also get ECTS points for participating 😀

More information under:
BEST GrazTuesday, February 18th, 2020 at 3:51am
Make this summer unforgettable and apply to BEST summer courses! 🌞

You can choose between 38 different cities all around Europe, with courses on different topics, for only 55€.
You will learn a lot of new things, but you'll also make amazing memories and new friends.
All you have to do is click the following link check the courses, and then apply (you can apply to maximum 3 courses) until 15.03.

If you have any questions you can come to the Question hours on 19th of February at 12:00 pm and 25th of February at 6:00 pm in our office on Münzgrabenstraße 35a. Also, you can always write us a private message.
BEST Graz is with Lejla Hadžić and 5 others.Wednesday, February 12th, 2020 at 11:26pm
We would like to present you our XV Board! Their game started in October and they have been rocking it ever since 😎

President - Lejla Hadzic
Secretary - Ruslan Neshev
Treasurer - Lejla Jahic
Vice President for Human Relations - Elisabeth Galyo
Vice President for Public Relations - Lejla Kapetanovic
Vice President for Coorporate Relations - Anna Freund
IT Coordinator - Semir Ramovic
BEST GrazTuesday, February 11th, 2020 at 12:04am
Recently we had an amazing training with our colleagues from @wingnetestiem_graz on communication and feedback delivered by Noelia and Manuel 😍

If you want to join us in such activities drop by our office every Monday at 8pm in Münzgrabenstraße 35a or write us in private 📩