Why to become a BEST member?

When becoming a BEST member, the numerous interesting and challenging tasks you will be confronted with during your BEST time, will give you the chance to gain experience, develop your personal skills (like project management, communication, teamwork, leadership, etc.) and to work on international level in an atmosphere of Friendship, joy and fun. Being a member you can participate in BEST’s internal events, e.g. Work Shops, Train Shops, Regional Meetings, General Assemblies, or when you work in a Committee, in the Committee’s meetings.

Don’t be shy, all of the work is voluntary! We welcome everybody who values trust, fun, respect and fairness!

How to become a BEST member?

You can become a member of BEST at any time. The BEST way to do so is to show up at our regular meetings, and to offer your help and fulfil the tasks you’re given. After you attended our meetings for a few times, you could become a member of BEST Graz and you can already fully take part in all our activities.
Meetings happen weekly, except holidays.

What do BEST members do?

There are many different tasks BEST Graz has to fulfil in various working fields like IT-Infrastructure, Public Relations, Human Resources, Fundraising and Corporate Relations, office facilities, etc. We promote the events of other BEST Groups, and take care that students from Graz University of Technology can apply and participate in them. Last but not least, we organise events too, both internal and public.
While internal events like trainings or workshops help us to improve our team spirit and to increase our knowledge, public events like Winter Courses are organised for regular (not BEST member) students. Organising an event means tasks from providing the participants with the logistics they can expect, i.e. doing fundraising, finding accommodation and providing food, up to operating tasks during the event like picking up participants and waking them up in the morning, etc.

Inside BEST


BEST is a social-skill powerhouse cramming out highly trained students with skills they can not get in their regular study. There is a plethora of so-called “Trainshop” courses on a variety of topics. All those trainings are voluntary; still everybody wants to go there.

General Assembly, Regional Meetings, Committees and Workshops

These events provide the structure of the democratic self governance within BEST. Ever tried to speak in front of 200 people deciding the rules for a few thousand BEST members? And try to convince them to accept your proposed changes? There are also a few special Interest Groups called “Comittees”, that care about specific tasks, like the “External Events Comittee” (doing quality assurance), or the “Information Technology Comittee” (ever wondered who programmed the Course Application System? It’s them).

Jamboree, Cultural Exchanges, Motivation Weekends

Those are the events reserved for maximum fun! Jamborees are like multi-day parties and can get as big as 300 people. With “Cultural exchanges”, two or three BEST groups visit each other and have intense cultural experiences together. Motivation Weekends of other BEST Groups are also a very popular excuse to just drop by and have a party!