a chance.

Who are we?

BEST Graz was founded in 2007 and we are currently about 20 students from Graz University of Technology. We strive to connect people from different countries, offer high quality services to students and manage to bring all the partners in the “student-company-university” triangle closer together. We are a part of a Europe-wide network with more than 3600 people at 93 universities and 34 countries.

What do we offer?

Leisure events
Motivational weekends, bonding events, parties in Graz

An event to help you take the first step into your career life

BEST Training Days
Soft skills trainings to gather helpful life and career tips and tricks you will not find in your day to day university life!

What do I get by joining?

We are a community!
We are friends, work together, have fun together and we are always happy to welcome you!

We are many experienced students –
Are you new at Uni? We know how student life works.

Learn how to organize events –
big scale, small scale, for students or for companies.

But how?

To join our team, just send us an e-mail or contact us on our Facebook or Instagram pages and we’ll get right back at you! Moreover, you can find us in our office every
Monday at 20:00 at Münzgrabenstraße 35a
(right next to the tram stop).

Inside BEST

Trainshops, soft and hard skill trainings

BEST is a social-skill powerhouse offering our students skills they can not get in their regular study. There is a plethora of so-called “Trainshop” courses on a variety of topics. All those trainings are voluntary; but trust us, once you go to one, you're going to want to go to many more.

General Assembly, Regional Meetings, Committees and Workshops

These events provide the structure of the democratic self governance within BEST. Ever tried speaking in front of 200 people deciding the rules for a few thousand BEST members? And tried to convince them to accept your proposed changes? There are also a few special Interest Groups called "Comittees", that care about specific tasks, like the "External Events Comittee" (doing quality assurance), or the "Information Technology Comittee" (ever wondered who programmed the Course Application System? It’s them).

Jamboree, Cultural Exchanges, Motivation Weekends

Those are the events reserved for maximum fun! Jamborees are like multi-day parties and can get as big as 300 people. With "Cultural exchanges", two or three BEST groups visit each other and have intense cultural experiences together. Motivation Weekends of other BEST Groups are also a very popular excuse to just drop by and have a party

Let’s get physical, or keep it digital: