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Are you a student at Graz University of Technology?

This and a bit of motivation is all you need to go on a BEST course.

BEST provides courses four seasons a year (winter, spring, summer and autumn) all over Europe.
Every season starts with an application period. In this period the application is open for all students.
You don’t need to become a BEST member to participate in BEST courses.
You can check the course list to see which courses are open for application at the moment!



And a whole
lotta fun!

What to expect

When applying to a BEST event it is very important that you read the course description carefully, our courses can vary a lot in different aspects. Below you can read some of the most important things:


Accommodation can vary a lot from event to event. At some courses you will sleep at a hostel, at some in a cabin or a dormitory. Before applying for a course you can read about this under the course information.
Normally accommodation at our events is pretty good, but keep in mind that all work is done on a voluntary basis and getting money is not always easy, so keep an open mind in case things are not perfect.


When reading the course information you should be able to find the schedule of the event (be aware that smaller changes can happen), here you can see how many hours are scheduled for lectures and you can also see if there will be lab exercises or company visits. Also under the course information you can read the estimated level of the course, in BEST there are three levels: introduction, intermediate and advanced, make sure that you select a course that fits you skills and ambitions.

Survival guide

At every course there will be a survival guide, make sure to read it before you leave. In this guide you will be able to find all the details you need. It will include information about the country you are travelling to, like their currency, weather, language and so on. There will also be more specific information concerning the course itself, like the schedule, how to get to the place and contact information of the organisers.


One thing is sure at a BEST event, the parties are crazy. You should be prepared to party all night and still stay awake the next days during classes.
This is a part of the famous BEST-spirit!


It is a good idea to bring some pocket money for the trip.
During the event organisers will be paying for you accommodation, food and social activities, but it is usual that you will have to pay for drinks during the parties.


During the course the organisers will provide you with three free meals a day. You can expect at least one of these meals to be warm.
It is important to keep in mind that not all countries have the same food culture or dinner times as yours , so be prepared to learn how people dine in different countries.

Let’s get physical, or keep it digital: