“It excited him, too, that many men had already loved Daisy—it increased her value in his eyes.”

The Great Gatsby

As Gatsby saw the value in Daisy, so the many areas of science(and non-science) see the value in data. Data is our Daisy. We observe it, analyze it, manipulate it (scratch that, sorry Daisy). We find data interesting, it gives us insights into many things we normally would not be able to deduce from our day-to-day experiences, but we have to know how to handle it first…This is where programming comes in! But many of us do not like programming, or have never really had the chance to learn it, yet our chosen career/education fields require it. This is why we decided to structure this course as an introduction to both programming and data-centric programming to give you the best of both worlds.

!!!WARNING!!! Any unusual phrases below this sentence have been given as 1920s lingo by ChatGPT

So get ready to embark on a swingin’ journey into the world of data-centric programming here in Graz!

Why is this course for you:

No prior knowledge needed, see? This course is tailored to those who ain’t ever touched code before, as well as those who are just keen on discovering the world of data manipulation and the benefits it brings.

Mix and Mingle: Get to know like minded people from all walks of academic life. Broaden your horizons and get to know the interdisciplinary uses of data know-how.

Guidance from the Big Shots: Our instructors really know their onions when it comes to both programming and data science, so you’re in good hands.

Take a Stroll Through Graz: Feel the buzz of studying at the bee’s knees, TU Graz, and enjoy all the nifty sights this snazzy City of Graz has in store for you!

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