Smart Antennas – Stay Tuned

Imagine your phone would still need a cable…
Wouldn’t it be hard to travel arround europe?
Or to move a meeting with your friends because you missed a bus?

And now imagine that this cable (which would be approximately 15.000 km long if you want to go to Australia) would be replaced by a short wire which would connect you to everything. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Luckily this imagination became reality quite a long time ago!

Nowadays, as we don’t only call each other but want to watch videos and send selfies to our friends and families, the short wire just doesn’t suffice anymore.
With the everyday increasing data rates, and the huge amount of participants in the wireless communication channels, as well as the more and more restricitive regulations, communication systems demand antennas which are able to adapt their characteristics to the current environment and needs.

In February 2015, participants learned not only how to use Maxwell’s equations in order to get an antenna which radiates the way you would expect, but also how to arrange and control these antennas in a way which allows them to improve their performance and become more robust.

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