Wanna make the BEST
out of your student life?

BEST - who, what, where?

BEST – Board of European Students of Technology – is an international network spread around 93 universities and 34 European countries. With more than 3.500 motivated students  of technology, we are a powerful, young and innovative student network.

Our local group has been offering high quality services for students since 2006, helping to bring all the partners in the “student – company – university” triangle closer.

Whether you’re a student looking to connect to company representatives, make friends and organize some fun events both in Graz and all around Europe, or you’re an HR looking to connect with a motivated group of students ready to take on any possible challenge, LBG Graz is the group for you!

And a whole
lotta fun!

Are you a student at TU Graz ready to enter the working world? beWanted offers everything from professional CV checks to informal interviews with the HRs of your favorite companies!

beWanted is perfectly suited for HRs looking to get in touch with young people with fresh, innovative ideas as well!

Head on over to the beWanted site and read all about it!

Does traveling make your heart skip a beat?
How about hanging out with likeminded people in Paris, Porto or a city whose name doesn’t start with a p, all the while learning about a wide variety of topics?
So, a two week stay in an exotic country,  with food, accommodation, social and academic parts all covered, and an ECTS point or two on top of that, for less than 50 euros would be.. a dream come true?
Apply now!

Be it practical case studies or real life theoretical problems, this is where the minds clash! A couple of hours, internet connection and some tools – enough to make any engineer’s heart beat faster.

Other than raking in some awards at the local level, the winners get to compete in regional and possibly even national rounds!

Are you a student that wants to join us?
A company representative that would like to work with us?
Or just a person with important questions?

You can find us at the Münzgrabenstraße 35,
every Monday at 20:00h !

***Please note that there are no meetings taking place when the university is closed.***

In this case, go over to one of our social media accounts,
we’ll make sure to answer as soon as possible!