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BEST Engineering Competitions are events where teams consisting
of 4 students use their technical, social and communicative skills to compete in two different categories:

Team Design and Case Study.

Local Engineering Competitions take place in most of the local BEST groups all over Europe.
The winners of the local competition in Graz (EBEC Graz) can participate in the regional round
(EBEC Alpe Adria) and – if they are successful there – proceed to the finals (EBEC Final).

Team Design

In the Team Design competition participants are asked to use their “field-engineering” skills and problem-solving abilities in order to develop a functioning device capable of solving the presented problem. Team Design is one of the most appealing parts of any BEST engineering competition due to the high level of creativity involved in development of solutions, paired to the physical realization of the prototype.

Team Design has a set of rules and conditions that are common from competition to competition, mostly concerning the limited number of material and tools available, as well as describing needs and restrictions of prototype to develop. These rules, together with the task-specific ones, will be presented the day of the competition.

The announcement of the winning team is based on both measurable parameters of the developed prototypes and the professional opinion of highly reputable jury members (usually university professors and/or experts of the field) which evaluate unmeasurable criteria such as creativity of the solution, design, presentation etc.

Case Study

During the Case Study competition, students are given a real problem provided by our partner company and they will have to use their multidisciplinary knowledge, together with a lot of creativity, to propose a solution, according to the guidelines that they will receive in the beginning. This competition involves a lot of team building, creativity and communication skills.

Examples of past Case Study topics are how to best use open data coming from a city to offer innovative services to the citizens, how to apply innovative technologies such as Oculus Rift into the company work process, or how to integrate NFC tags into trains to automatically validate the tickets of boarding passengers.

The winning team, judged by a jury composed of company experts and BEST and university representatives, will be the team whose proposed solution shows the best mix of innovation, economical feasibility and creativity.


If you would like to have more information about EBEC, suggest a whole new EBEC concept idea that we could implement together, or simply get in touch with us, write an email to graz@BEST.eu.org or visit the EBEC Homepage

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